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Odyssey Genesys – HOLOGRAPHIC ed. exclusiva

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Odyssey Genesys is inspired by high minimal shapes. The minimalism and the futurims at its most. The luxury is presented with impresive materials and tonalities like holographic. However this is not just a foiled deck of cards…this is again a totally different way to Feel The Universe but keeping the essence of brand.

The MOST AMBITIOUS Odyssey project.
Every deck of cards will be NUMBERED! Luxury seals have been created which will include the number of the deck so…they will be super limited.

General Features:
– Tuck case with Holo foil.
– Luxury inner printing. Holo foil. Absolutely astonishing. 
– 52 playing Cards + 2 Jokers Poker size.
– Produced by  Feel The Universe Card Co. and TCC. 
– Printed by TCC PLAYING CARDS Company.

Feel The Universe and TCC have been working together in the craft of a unique and special paper stock and finish that enhances the holographic effect but keeping the high quality of the cards.
This means a great handling, perfect for cardistry and magic with a beautiful holografic cold foil effect. This paper stock and finish are called: Prime Paper Stock and Finish. And was used a SUPER premium tuck case material. You will love it.

Genesys has maybe the most impressive case design ever created for an Odyssey. The Holographic is from another world.

Odyssey Genesys comes with a depured back design. The diagonal line is elegant, minimal and elegant. Pure Odyssey.

Classic ace design but adding some details with Genesys aesthetic.

Metallic plates conforms the armor and weapons of the knights. Again combining the futuristic touches with the minimal design.

The design talks by itself. Admire the beauty of the Exclusive Holo Genesys edition.


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