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Prism Dusk – Carti de joc

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The Prism cards are a beautiful and colorful creation featuring UV gloss ink on the card faces. This is not a just shinier card stock; it is an extra layer of gloss printed on the cards to create a unique finish. This gloss is not the same as MPC use on their ‘impressions’ decks – it is true UV gloss that is neat, highly reflective and has a slight rainbow shine to it that really catches the eye.
The Prism: Dusk card back is designed to capture the darkening tones of a clear sunset with the dying sun in the center, fading to deep blue and ultimately inky black scattered with stars. This full-bleed back is absolutely stunning!
All the cards in the Prism decks are fully custom. In the Dusk deck, the suit markers (pips) on the front are set in a dark evening sky filled with rainbow stars.
The court cards also match the glossy themes and are custom to the Prism trilogy.
The Jokers are just as beautiful; radials of rainbow light refracting through a prism and converging to embody the essence of the deck!
• Printed with Legends Playing Card Company on their Diamond Finish
• Intricately glossed tuckbox
• 54 Custom and Unique playing cards each with a world-first gloss layer
• Unique full-bleed starry back design


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