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Street Magic Deck: Private Reserve – Carti de joc

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“We don’t rush to release every idea or design we create. There is an area of Ellusionist that’s dedicated to our private reserve. We pull from it to give decks to staff, Ellusionist artists and BLK MRKT buyers. The Street Magic Deck is straight out of that Private Reserve—Brad’s personal one. Created as a 20-year anniversary gift to him, we had to print 2,500 to meet order minimums. But that’s more decks than Brad could personally use in a lifetime. So today, to celebrate the opening of the new website, we’re giving you access to this iconic piece of nostalgia. “If you don’t look back on where you’ve been, you’ll never guarantee that you’re moving forward.” The Street Magic Deck: Private Reserve offers a crushed stock and buttery-soft feel. With a vintage design plucked right out of 2001, these cards are for the OGs of magic. It’s a deck that’ll mean nothing to your audience but could mean everything to you—because it reminds you of where you started.


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