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The WMS Gaff Deck (Gimmicks and Online Instructions)

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This is The World Magic Shop Gaff Deck. For the first time. 6 incredible stand-alone effects in one deck of cards with all tutorials supplied. “This has got to be the best deal in magic!” – Craig Petty Featuring: One by Matthew Underhill In an updated version of Anniversay Waltz, two initialed hearts join together on the face of a signed card. An unbelievable souvenir for couples and friends. (14 Cards) Tom Twisted Restored by Steven Leathwaite It’s exactly that! A signed card is torn, twisted and restored right in the hands of your spectators. (12 performance cards) Pentacle 2000 Eight incredible routines created by Craig Petty using the specially printed cards supplied. In one effect ‘Fast Hands’, two jacks and four aces visually change places under impossible conditions. Hypno Aces Explaining how you can use Hypnosis to cheat at cards, four hypnotic cards change into four aces. It looks like incredible sleight of hand but the gimmicked cards make it almost self-working. Parental Guidance by Tom Wright This takes red hot mama to a new level with a final phase utilising three specially printed cards. TAB TEST by Wayne Fox A book test style effect utilising the tuck case of the card box. Your spectator thinks of any word from the text on the card case and with no fishing, you reveal it in one direct hit!


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