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Invisible deck ULTIMATE by Vincenzo Di Fatta

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Stoc Epuizat

Stoc epuizat

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Could the Invisible deck be improoved? the answer is YES!

The magician shows a card case and announces that there is a deck of cards inside with a prediction.
A spectator freely chooses a card from an imaginary deck. When the deck is removed from the box, the only card turned face up int it, is the spectator’s card.
But that’s not all, in fact why have so many different cards if the magician already new the spectator’s thought of card? Incredibly, when the other cards in the deck are turned over, they are all Blank! The only printed card is the specator’s selection.

With this deck, as in the classic invisible deck, the card thought of by a spectator is the only one face up, but with a breathtaking ending because then all the other cards are turned over, and shown to be completely BLANK. You got it right, the thought of card will not only be the only card faec up in the deck, but the only printed card!

The effect has similarities to Max Maven’s B’wave, but while in B’wave the prediction is made on 4 cards, here it is done on a full deck. Really extraordinary!

A memorable effect!

• Special Bicycle deck is provided, and detailed instructions supplied.
• Simple to perform.


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