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Messado Rings – DVD instructional

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When it comes to teaching, Messado holds nothing back. Even if you’ve never touched a key ring in your life, Messado will have you performing like a master in just a few hours. He teaches his full routine – from start to finish, from the most basic single link through to his wrap-up flourish display, in stunning and meticulous detail.


  • The Messado Rings

  • Messado Display

  • The Key Ring

  • Practice


  • Spectator Routine

  • Wrap Up Routine

  • Live Performances

  • Tips


  • Key Ring Link

  • Double Rings Link

  • Centrifugal Link

  • Flipping Link

  • Silent Link

  • Quad Link

  • Spinning Jumper Link


  • Basic Unlink

  • Spectator Unlink

  • Silent Unlink

  • Centrifugal Unlink


  • Matrix Spin

  • Nunchucks

  • Impossible Jumper

  • Karate Kid

It’s not often that we are totally blown away by a trick where the method is so universally known – but in Messado’s hands, the linking rings stop being a ‘trick’ – they become something we never thought could be said about rings… They become cool.

Add the Messado Rings to your arsenal today. You’ll be glad you did.

NOTE: Rings are available separately here



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